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The Director

Mrs Tsholofelo RamokgabaCommercial & Corporate Department

Mrs Ramokgaba has an LLB Degree obtained from the University of South Africa. Corporate Governance Certificate with a focus on director development from the Institute of Directors South Africa. And a Certificate on Judicial Enforcement of Socio-Economic Rights obtained from the University of Pretoria. Served her articles at the Pretoria Justice Center under the Civil and Criminal division. Wherein she gained extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation assisting various clients. She further worked at Beauchamp Attorneys were she gained experience in dealing with Wills and Estate, Labour law matters, Insolvency and Liquidation matters, contract drafting and vetting.

She then went on to join the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) under the Consumer Corporate Regulations Division (CCRD) which division was responsible for drafting the Company Act, The National Credit Act, The National Gambling Act, The National Lotteries Act, The National Liquir Act, The Consumer Protection Act, wherein she gain tremendous experience in all the regulatory agencies enforcing the abovementioned legislations. Part of her duties was compliance management, performance management and deliverables by all the regulatory agencies of (the dti).

She has further played a key role in the selection, vetting and appointment of Board Members to Regulatory Agencies. Provided Company Secretarial Services at Quarterly Regulatory Meetings with all COTTI members consisting of CEOs, Chairpersons, Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners of Regulatory Agencies.

The Firm

We are an independent and dynamic law firm comprising mainly of young dynamic women attorneys who provide professional legal services to individuals, associations ,groups, private and public companies .the firm conducts business primarily in south Africa.

The major client base includes institutional and corporate clients who draw upon recognized expertise the firm possesses. Accordingly, our client benefit from the following aspects of our experience in the legal field:

  • Professional legal services of high standards ;
  • Informed ,practical legal expertise in the commercial sphere
  • Protecting the interest of clients when resolving problems and disputes using both traditional litigation and alternative methods.
  • Offering innovative, practical and cost effective service by combining transactional dispute resolutions skills with the legislations and regulatory capability.

We proudly contribute to the upliftment and empowerment of the previously disadvantaged through our:

  • Involvement in community development projects, such as low cost NGO
  • Training and developing of newly admitted and candidate attorneys
  • Participate in pro-bono initiatives arranged by law society
  • Providing internship programs by providing in-house training for final year law students

Our Philosophy

The firm’s business philosophy is to become country’s preferred independent Black women Owned Law firm by providing superior legal service in every case.

In certain instances, we believe in strengthening our knowledge and resources base based by developing working relationships with other law firms, both locally and internationally either in consortia or associations or firms’ cross –jurisdiction knowledge is further enhanced by second staff to international associates offices when working jointly on a client project more especially the National Bar association members in which the black Lawyers associations.

We endeavour to grow our profile internationally on the following basis:

  • Referrals of work on reciprocals basis
  • Referrals of correspondences work
  • Handling of relatively more complex matters, on jointly basis to
  • The mutual benefit of both firms to the advantages of the client;
  • Jointly lobbying for particular government projects or ;
  • Commercial business.

We have the requisite skills to advise government, parastatetals and private sector on the legal structuring mergers and acquisitions of major projects as part of the consortia.

Our Services

We offer professional services and expertise and summarized as follows:


We advice our corporate clients on the law that applies to the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales. Ensuring that our clients are always protected by vetting or reviewing and drafting contracts for all commercial transactions our clients are involved in including but not limited to:

  • Contracts of sale
  • Mergers and Acquisitions agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Pre-incorporation agreements
  • National Credit Act
  • Letting and Hiring
  • Contract of employment
  • The Law of agency
  • Surety and other forms of security
  • Insurance
  • Competition Law especially Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Public Private Partnership Agreements
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Labour law related agreements
  • Labour Relations services
  • Tenant agreement
  • Vendor agreement
  • Customer agreement
  • Memorandum of understandings
  • Memorandum of incorporations
  • Partnership agreements

We further provide management services for our clients on all agreements our clients have entered into to ensure compliance with all the terms and conditions of every specific contract and safeguarding our client's interests.

Commercial Specialists

  • Legal advisors to transaction Advisors
  • Conducting due diligence exercise
  • Negotiation and drafting agreements
  • Shareholders share sale and business agreement
  • Furnishing opinions on various commercial aspects
  • Alternative dispute resolutions
  • Structuring and negotiating commercial transactions and heads agreement
  • Compliance with treasury ,polices and risk assessment
  • Removal of persons from administration, judgment and Transunion listing etc.

Company Secretarial Services

It is a requirement of both the Companies Act, and Kind III for Directors of Boards of Companies to appoint a Company Secretary. The Company Act further provides that an individual or a Juristic Person can be appointed as a Company Secretary. Principle 2.21 of King III states: “The board should be assisted by a competent, suitably qualified and experienced company secretary”. In addition, paragraph 101 of King III emphasises: “The individual directors and the board collectively, should look to the company secretary for guidance on their responsibilities and duties and how such responsibilities and duties should be properly discharged in the best interests of the company. Paragraph 102 states that “The company secretary should provide a central source of guidance and advice to the board, and within the company, on matters of good governance and of changes in legislation. As Company Secretaries we assist our clients to run an effective board that ensures that the Shareholders mandate is carried through effectively, efficiently and most importantly in a sustainable manner by:

  • Developing a Corporate Governance and legislation checklist
  • Developing Board Charter and work plan
  • Monitoring regulatory changes in relevant legislation pertaining to corporate matters affecting the particular company
  • Advising the Board on the legality of all proposed policies and procedures
  • Advising the Board on proper Delegations of Authority to various committees
  • Coordinate the operation of the Company¡¦s formal decision making and reporting machinery (namely Shareholder and stakeholder communications and resolutions)
  • Advice the Board on their powers, duties, liabilities and responsibilities.
  • Performing annual Board appraisals
  • Director Induction and Training

Compliance Management

In our compliance division we assist our Corporate clients to understand the important role compliance plays in the success of their organization. As compliance is an internal risk control function which works closely with the legal function requirements, we as the custodians of the law are responsible for:

  • developing and administering systems and procedures to comply with legal and regulatory requirements;
  • developing and administering training programs covering legal and regulatory requirements;
  • assisting line personnel with day to day legal and regulatory issues as they arise;
  • developing and administering monitoring and surveillance systems to detect potential breaches of legal and regulatory requirements;
  • investigating, rectifying and reporting on breaches of legal and regulatory requirements (including client complaints);
  • filing various notices and returns with regulators;
  • liaising with regulators in relation to regulatory matters

Risk Management

We assist these teams to better understand the inherent fraud risks that may be present within each operational area reviewed. Once these inherent risks have been identified, the teams would then proceed to:

  • assess the effectiveness of the current internal controls in place that would impact on the risks identified;
  • determine an overall risk rating for each inherent risk identified. This allows fraud risks to be prioritized; and
  • develop strategies, including improved internal controls, to reduce the impact of each inherent risk based on the risk ratings.

The fraud and corruption benchmarking and gap analysis considers the size, diversity, geographical spread, industry sector and your risk profile. This is the first step in gaining a better understanding of how your organization is tracking against the Standard and understanding your fraud risk profile. Once the gaps have been identified, we can:

  • Design and implement a fraud control plan
  • Develop a fraud response plan, aimed at minimizing the adverse consequences from a fraud event
  • Provide fraud awareness training
  • Undertake targeted fraud risk assessment
  • Develop Investigation Standards and Procedures

General Civil Litigation & RAF

General litigation for the road accident fund which includes amongst others:

  • Promotion of mediation /arbitration
  • Immigration
  • Liquidations
  • Litigation
  • High Court
  • Magistrate Court
  • Opinions on merits and quantum
  • Maintenance & Divorce
  • Family Law & Estate
  • Immigration

Collection Specialist

M & R Attorneys, may act as an EDC (External Debt Collector) for other Legal Firms in terms of collections and tracing the delinquent debtors as per client instruction/mandate, the law firm make use of the Magistrate court Act 32 of 1944, under section 57/58 procedure; M & R Attorneys an accommodate tracing within the following Gauteng Parameters: Johannesburg Central, North and Far South. The intention is to speed up the process of collection and minimize the risk of Prescription Act and other regulatory policies.

Tracing Specialist

We employ a large in-house trace team to manually investigate trace cases and locate absconders, as data matching and analysis will only ever get you half way when it comes to locating debt absconders.

M & R Attorneys has a national reach, and establishes local offices, management teams and workforces for every contract. We also do background checks on people you might be considering going into business with or contractors you might be employing, to make sure that they are reliable, are not blacklisted and have good payment records. We also trace missing beneficiaries for Insurance companies as well as government and mining companies alike.

We also specialize in tracing people who are sought out by their creditors and though various legal tactics we recover the money owed to the creditor be it a personal or corporate debt.

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We at Ramokgaba Gonese Attorneys strive to provide excellent legal services and problem-solving solutions that add value to corporate and other clients through our national footprint and global capabilities using teams of expert professionals and dedicated support staff, backed by advanced technology.
We value the inputs of our clients and would appreciate receiving your emails on any compliments or complaints that you may have regarding our services.


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